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Het Stappenplan,
#VuilGedicht #Meereisburo #VetteStrepen

Krot of Kans
In the open call 'this is not a simulation', the "Stimuleringsfonds voor Creative Industrie" called on designers to explore new forms of intimacy and encounter within public space with concrete sociospatial interventions. In "Stappenplan", we looked for proximity at an appropriate distance. During COVID-19, 'social distancing' was introduced as a new norm. During the pandemic period it is necessary to keep physical distance and find other forms where you can approach each other socially. The term 'social' does not necessarily refer to physical distance between you. You can be far away from each other and still be socially close. On the other hand, you can also be physically close but socially distant. In a society that became increasingly predictable due to all these restrictions, you want to increase chances of serendipity. At home in isolation, we lack those unexpected encounters. In public spaces, we can still be surprised if we can see and embrace the value of it.

Within "Stappenplan", we worked on the following task: can we design intersections on the different routes and routines of city dwellers using their actions as alibis for encounters? Intersections as concrete socio-spatial interventions that enable new forms of encounters. Encounters in which, as Hannah Arendt describes, actions are communicated.

#Stappenplan #VuilGedicht

#Stappenplan #VetteStrepen

#Stappenplan #Meereisburo

Design Research Team
Ester van de Wiel & Michou Nanon de Bruijn/SMB

Filmmaker: Heleen Schalkwijk
Made possible by Creative Industries Fund

With thanks to:
SchoneStad staff, Hoogfliet Rotterdam
Poet, Miguel Santos & Illustrator, Rachel Sender
Artist, Willem Besselink & gallerist murals inc, Marleen van Wijngaarden &
City forester of Rotterdam, Alisia Troost
City Drawing specialist, Jeffrey de Bruin & Barge skippers of Honte & Sand truck drivers