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(Graduation 2008)

A Fridge with a warm seat. A retrospective of the kitchen from the 18th century. The gridiron wich normally looses its heath on the back of the refrigerator, is mounted underneath the seat on the side of the fridge; Giving the cold cabinet a warm seat. Shape: As adults we use the information we have experienced in childhood as our archetype. The frigo as white cube is apopular archetype. The Koelkachel did remain in its shape a fridge. Because of this it is approachable and understandable.

Realisation: The Koelkachel is made out of eight laser-cuted pieces of metal, banded and glued together. The metal is powdercoated.

The beginning of my project started by copying the daily activities of a housewife living in the 18 century. According to a domestic economy book which I found in a antique shop, I lived with the books rules for one week. The difference being that I only used products that I already owned. Most of the time i worked in the Kitchen. This is why I continued focusing on it. The warmth in this room made it the centre of the house. Today we heat all the rooms of a house even when we are not at home. In Japan the houses have no general heating instead they have the Kotatsu: a table with heating underneath. In the evening the family gathers together around the warmth. The sociability collects around the object. My Idea was to create a place which is heated without extra energy.