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Flat Light Frigo PORTABLE GOODS (2010)
A flat light frigo

What if it would be able to wear our furniture. The flat-pack fridge designed in weight to be transported by one person. 26 flat pieces are stackable to one isolated cube held together by Velcro tape. Easy to construct and dismantle. A normal condenser has its space at the back of the fridge. The transport as an event. In todays culture many products are designed in order to be transported cheaply to theyre final salespoints. The flatpack frigo can be worn as an offerzised rucksack. Waking like as snail with youre product on your back.

during the exposition in z33 from Thomas Lommee The fridge gives its waist-heath to a biogas tank in order to create gas for cooking. for more info visit: www.openstructures.net The fridge is made in the unitssystem designed by openstructures