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The NewGrey (2008-2014)
Utopias for the silver-age

The demographic projections for the next years confront us in a surrealistic way. We have never experienced a society so old and are barely able to comprehend its consequences. The systems that we have built to provide security are slowly showing their deficiencies, as the elderly population increases and the workforce decreases. How can we provide care and keep functioning as a country, a village, a society?

The NewGrey reacts on multiple studies and calculations towards the demographic changes in the coming years. In an attempt to understand the impact, multiple speculative designs and thoughts were visualized and bundled into a work-book. Change often comes with negative predictions about the future. Above all, the work bundle sketches on new possibilities, opportunities and principles for starting new cultures.

exhibited at Seoul Design Festival, in the dutch pavillion Well-Aged Life, Well Balanced Design, South Korea 2014 Panel speaker, Design Forum during Seoul Design Festival at Dongdaemun Design Plaza Lecture at Seoul National University College of Fine Arts

suported by:
East West Education
Krot of Kans
CBK Zeeland