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For 'Renovate in Dialogue', we design renovation methods in which we link labor, work, and actions arising from the task of refurbishing the Kastanjehof care home to physical and social interventions. In doing so, we link both local and internal activities to the creative sector. We design alternative conversion methods that stimulate social and physical interactions. The aim is, on the one hand, to build a care network covering the broad spectrum from self-reliant to dependent and, on the other hand, to activate the ground floor of the building for a broader public through physical and program interventions.

a project by: Ester van de Wiel & Michou Nanon de Bruijn @ SMB

The aim is to design a graduated line of care that softens the hard transition from self-reliant to dependent. With this line, we aim to facilitate a barrier-free route that makes light to heavy care more accessible in the neighborhood. We see this research as a logical follow-up to our previous studies for Bartholomeus Gasthuis, where we explored the boundaries of inpatient and outpatient care through spatial adaptations and programming. For this research, we focus on 'staging encounters'. How do you, as an intramural institution that wants to open up to the neighborhood, build a network so that you can also take on an extramural role? We have taken the planned refurbishment of Kastanjehof as an assignment and reformulated it to build a social network within which everyone can take their own role through the actions associated with it.

Made possible by
Creative Industries Fund & Kastanjehof residential care centre, Cordaan Amsterdam